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Serving Canadians with quality marijuana and hash through the mail


Why do we use a .ru email address?

We just don't like the NSA and equivalents - not that they care about you or Hashmelt. We take your privacy seriously - Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, CSEC, and the NSA do not.

By using an overseas provider from a strong jurisdiction, we increase privacy.


Why do we not use Hushmail.com?

Hushmail.com is incorporated in Canada and hosts its servers in Canada. Hushmail is in Canadian jurisdiction.


Should I be concerned?

We don't think so. It is a political choice for us - not a necessity. If you have objections regarding your email provider having records of your orders, then you may choose to use a service such as Hushmail or Safe-Mail. The vast majority of our clients do not find this necessary though. See our Guarentees page for more info on privacy.


Tips from Edward Snowden:





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Last updated August 27th 2016