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Serving Canadians with quality marijuana and hash through the mail

We accept payment in three ways:

(1) Email Money Transfer)

(2) Bitcoin (10% Discount)

(3) Cash (10% Discount)

(1) Email Money Transfer

This is the fastest and most convenient way to pay for most people. Send the EMT payment to and make the security question "I am licenced in?" with the answer being "canada". Then send your order information to us at .

Please be discreet; do not include any product or order information in the comments section of the payment.

CLICK HERE for more information on Email Money Transfers

CLICK HERE for a list of banks offering Interac EMT

(2) Bitcoin

We recommend paying by Bitcoin; we don't like banks. Contact us for an address at


You can buy bitcoins at the following places:

https://www.quadrigacx.com/ by bank transfer

https://www.cavirtex.com/ by bank transfer

https://www.canadianbitcoins.com/ with cash/bank transfer


Please use the CAD price from https://bitcoinwisdom.com/ to calculate the value of your coins.


We will not accept Litecoin, DOGE, or others. Sorry.

(3) Cash

Sending cash is risky! If you send cash, put the bills in a thick card or in some folded paper, and use fewer, larger bills instead of many small ones. Use $50 and $100 bills instead of a stack of $10's and $20's. Don't send coins.


Step 1: Sign up at https://www.canadianbitcoins.com/

Step 2: Contact us for a BTC address at .

Step 3: Input that address with your order for bitcoins, print off your bitcoin order, and mail it in with the cash. Once they recieve it, they will transfer the coins to our wallet and we will ship your order.

For all customers

Always check the homepage for updates prior to ordering.

Regardless of how you have chosen to pay, please send us an email to let us know that payment has been made, what you want, and your address. We will ship your order once the payment has been confirmed.


Make sure your name and address is correct.

We are not able to recover wrongly addressed packages.


Do not forget to add $15 for Express Post!


Please send your address every time you order.


Please add us to your contact list and / or monitor your "SPAM" folder, as .ru addresses are often filtered. Q&A: Why do we use .ru?


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    Last updated January 31st 2017