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Serving Canadians with quality marijuana and hash through the mail


We guarantee that all services we send are as described.


We guarantee that all orders are shipped securely and extra discreetly. We use vacuum-sealing to eliminate smell, special packing methods to eliminate contamination, and all orders recieve additional camouflaging.

Delivery Time

We send virtually all orders out by Xpresspost typically within 1 business day of receiving payment. Usually clients receive their orders within 3-5 business days of us receiving payment. Occasionally shipping will take a few days longer. It may also take a day longer for mail delivery if you live in a rural area, and up to ten business days if you choose lettermail.

NOTICE 2016: We are only shipping on Tuesdays and unscheduled days currently, due to a volunteer shortage.

Delivery Guarantee

If for some reason your product doesn't arrive, we will replace your order or refund it.

This does not apply to lettermail orders because we cannot track lettermail.


We have a statistical delivery rate of >99.9%, as of late August 2016. A single lettermail order was reported missing and was successfully replaced to the same address.

Guarantee Exceptions

This guarantee does not apply to those ordering from Nunavut, the Yukon, or the Northwest Territories. It is within our discretion to replace these orders, and conditions may require that the client provides a different shipping address. So far, we have not recieved any orders from the territories, but we have been warned that mail theft is rampant. Our sincerest apologies go out to those in the North.


We encrypt all of your information using SSL/TLS, 4096 bit RSA, 256 bit AES, and/or 256 bit TwoFish cyphers. We remove all emails from the server daily using SSL/TLS.

With that said, records could be maintained by Mail.ru (Russian jurisdiction) and your email provider, unless you choose to use PGP. We only connect to our mail provider using TLS, and Vladimir Putin assures us of our security. We use Mail.ru because the Snowden leaks tell us to.


If you have concerns (professional, political, social, etc...) about your email provider having records of your orders, then you may choose to use a service such as Hushmail or Safe-Mail. Most clients do not find this necessary.


We will never provide our patient information to any individual or organization (Canada Post excluded, for addressing purposes only, of course), under any circumstances - even if out of our control. We will never inform Canada Post of the contents of your package, as per regulation.


We consider our privacy policy to be the best in the industry.



With the above said, we cannot guarentee that the NSA or other malicious actor does not have a zero day exploit that could compromise part of our security. For that reason, we have a strict policy of purging and not accepting any confidential medical documents from our clients. The best way we can ensure the security of your documents, as required by law, is for us to have you to lock them in a drawer and not provide them to us.


A note on PGP:

If you're interested and using Windows, we recommend GPG4Win or GPG4USB. Using PGP is (moderately) easy and fun!

By ordering, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the Terms of Use.


Last updated August 27th 2016