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Serving Canadians with quality marijuana and hash through the mail

IMPORTANT: If you are using BTC and/or PGP, you must now calculate your additional bonus as a discount. Take 5% off your payment if placed with PGP, take 10% off your payment if placed with BTC. Strictly EMT orders will not be effected.

All orders are shipping in 1.1g (hash only), 2.0g (CBD oil), 5.5g, 16.5g, and 33g sized pre-packs from now on. Max order size is still 150g.

PK Bud is out of 5.5g bags. Please order in 15g multiples.


* Marijuana/Marihuana
A Grade - $7 per gram or $6 per gram on orders of 30+ grams.
B Grade - No Stock
C Grade - No Stock

* Bubblehash
A Grade - $20 per gram or $16 per gram on orders of 10+ grams.
B Grade - $15 per gram or $12 per gram on orders of 10+ grams.
C Grade - No stock

* Oils

CBD oil - $70 per 2 gram vial (No bonuses available)


Express Post = $15

Orders over $500 ship for by Express Post for free.


By default, buds (up to about 35g) will often be shipped uncompressed in Expresspost envelopes for speed.

If you desire it to be boxed, please specify. No extra charge.


Mixing and matching strains is recommended.


Our maximum order size of buds/hash is 150 grams per package.

(considering the +10% bonus, 136g + bonus = 150g) Example

Marijuana Bud

Strains Currently Stocked: Click images for full size


  • Purple Kush -
    In stock. 5g bags out of stock. Order in 15g multiples only.

  • Snow White - Phenotype 4
    No stock.

"A Grade" buds are premium buds from high end strains, heavily coated with trichomes, and typically having thick oily calyxes. Tremendous bag appeal. They will be extremely potent, fragrant, and well flushed.

"B Grade" buds will be high quality - often, but not always, just as potent. They usually have some issue, such as being undersized. Always grown on healthy plants. They will be potent, fragrant, and should be well flushed - unless otherwise stated. Great value for vaping and baking.

Sometimes you will see the same strain listed in two or more categories. This means that we have two or more different batches or phenotypes of the same strain with a difference in quality.

We are always 100% upfront with any issues that affect our products.



Bubblehash can be sticky or hard, powdery or pressed, and color ranges between light brown to black, depending on potency, how it is made, and its cure. Store in an airtight container.

Strains Currently Stocked: Click images for full size



  • Snow White - Semi-Pressed Indica. In stock.

  • Wonder Woman -Semi-Pressed Indica. In stock. Bubbles violently! Better than pictured!

  • White Castle - Semi-Pressed Indica. In stock!

  • Venus Flytrap - Semi-Pressed Sativa. In stock

  • B GRADE:


    • Purple Kush (Indica dom) - Our primary bubblehash.
      MADE FROM 100% BUDS.

    "A Grade" is high-grade hash made using cold-water extraction and sieving with "bubblebags". This product usually comes unpressed, and is best smoked in small quantities on a screen in a pipe or bong - but can also be sprinkled onto joints or used in edibles. Our A Grade hashes are strong and clean. They are made exclusively in small batches, using reverse osmosis water for rinse and ice production, to leave no water salts or residue in the final product. Clean smoke and ash guarenteed. It bubbles violently.

    We use 25 to 150 micron in our A and B grade bubblehash mixes, which results in a dry blonde to brown colored hash that eventually cures into a sticky gooey mass. Body heat or warm water can speed up this process.

    "B Grade" is very potent, but does not bubble.



CBD oil is made from trichomes of CBD dominant plants (female hemp), with alcohol as the solvent. Extremely high in CBD levels; extremely low in THC levels. It is very thick, very heavy with terpene & CBD, very well purged, and very dark in color. Pain relief without the high; great for pipes, some types of vape pens, and bubblers. Limited quantities are available. Standard bonuses do not apply. Only available in 2g vials.



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Last updated June 16th 2017