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Welcome to HashMelt




We have been doing Tuesday shipments only, as well as occassional unscheduled shipments. Orders placed or paid for on Tuesday morning are unlikely to get to our courier on time.



June 16th 2017 Update

PK A grade BH is out of stock.


June 6th 2017 Update

We are out of SW bud. We have lots of Purple Kush left, in 15 and 30g bags. There is lots of hash and some oil left.

All orders are once again receiving free North Korean (DPRK) money with each order.


April 30th 2017 Update

HashMelt is now officially on the Tor Network at: rxn7bgu2rbel4gdf.onion

There may be a little downtime on our clearnet site this week, but the .onion will remain online. Our email responses have been much more timely recently than they were for a while and we intend to keep it this way.

Considering the current political tensions, we have begun to offer North Korean money with every order again.


April 11th 2017 Update

We have no more Shake and we are out of 5g bags of Purple Kush buds. Please order Purple Kush in multiples of 15g. We have been slow with email due to a location change. We will try to improve this.


Jan 31st 2017 Update

IMPORTANT: If you are using BTC and/or PGP, you must now calculate your additional bonus as a discount. Take 5% off your payment if placed with PGP, take 10% off your payment if placed with BTC. Strictly EMT orders will not be effected.

All orders are shipping in 1.1g (hash only), 2.0g (CBD oil), 5.5g, 16.5g, and 33g sized pre-packs from now on. Max order size is still 150g.


October 22nd 2016 Update

All envelope orders will be receiving additional padding and more packages in the mid size range will be shipped in boxes. We were out of bubble mailers for a while but have re-stocked padded mailers.


April 27th 2016 Update

We will no longer be accepting lettermail orders for bud, as of this week.

April 17th 2016 Update

Check Services page for shipping dates on various strains. Volume discounts are back.


May 29th 2015 Update

Our new email address is .

and are still valid.




Feb 14th 2015 Update

New policy: Orders over $500 ship for free.




Bud and Hash pictures NOW AVAILABLE on the "Services" page.


Feedback is always encouraged regarding our site / strains / packaging / policies / promotions / etc. Please inform us right away if our website loads incorrectly on your computer / device.


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*By submitting an order, you acknowledge that you hold a valid licence for possessing marijuana/marihuana. You also acknowledge that you are framiliar with Canada's Criminal Code, specificially the sections that make unauthorized possession of marijuana/marihuana a crime.


*For your privacy, we will not request, nor accept, a copy of your documents, nor your licence numbers. In the light of the Snowden leaks, POODLE, the Heartbeed SSL flaw and other known/unknown vulnerabilities, we cannot guarentee the absolute security of your medical documents, which is required of us under Canadian law. Besides, it is impossible for us to verify any documents you send us.


Thus, it is your responsibility to understand and follow the laws of your locality.


Please also see our Privacy Policy.


You must agree to and abide by these terms of use to become or remain a client of ours. No exceptions.


HashMelt is Canada's cheapest mail-order marijuana/marihuana service. Serving Canadians from coast to coast since 2012, we provide the best quality at the best prices. We have a small but growing customer base.


We do not operate on a profit seeking basis, and we wish to only recover our expenses. With that said, we are not a registered non-profit.


We are now taking Email Money Transfers as well as Cash and Bitcoin for payment. See the How to Order page for more information.


At HashMelt, we believe in ending the war on drug users. We donate a sizable portion of our proceeds towards alternative media that support this goal.

We encourage you to become active in ending marijuana prohibition. Here are some places you can go for more information and to get involved.

Join the Sensible BC campaign for a marijuana/marihuana referendum!
Stop the Violence
Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

You may also join and participate in the political campaigns of politicians you trust to represent your views, as we at HashMelt have.

We have for serveral years financially supported alternative pro-legalization media such as:

Mox News

We also financially support Chelsea Manning's defence fund, Wikileaks, Crytome.org, GRSecurity, the Clawsmail project, GNU, and the EFF, amoung others. We do not endorse any candidates for office and remain non-partisan.

By ordering, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the Terms of Use.


Last updated June 16th 2017